What's your Big Idea?
Do you have the vision and creativity to come up with a new innovation that could change the veterinary profession?
Our Student Innovation competition could help you transform your ideas into a reality.

ViVet and Vet Futures ‘What’s your Big Idea?’ competition offers you the opportunity to work as a team to brainstorm, develop and present a new innovative idea to a board of industry professionals. You will receive support from Vet Futures representatives and a mentor session with a chosen industry professional to guide you on your project.

The competition is open to all UK-based students and can cover any aspect of veterinary health innovation. You could design an innovation related to the suggestions below, or we encourage you to develop an idea of your own:

• Innovations regarding reducing plastic waste from practices
• Innovations within veterinary education
• Innovations to improve sanitation and hygiene
• Innovations to improve veterinary-public communication
• Innovations surrounding the one health movement
• Innovations to aid prospective veterinary students that could contribute to increasing diversity and outreach
• Innovations to improve patient safety

Who is eligible?

The competition is open to any undergraduate veterinary student based in the UK. You can enter as a single applicant or as a group. Single applicants will then be put into a group with other applicants from their university. Teams should be made up of around 5 members – there can be more than 1 team representing their university.

Judging and Evaluation Criteria

The amount of meetings between your team, as well as your design process , is up to you. However, if you follow our suggested guide below, you will be able to ensure your team’s idea has the potential for innovation success. Spread over 5 sessions, our guide will take you through the stages of generating, refining and presenting your innovative idea. You will also be assigned a mentor who will help advise and support your team.

Teams will need to submit 3 components for judging:

  1. A log of your progress throughout the project (this can include social media updates #ViVetStudentInnovation)
  2. Mentor engagement and feedback
  3. A 5-minute video ‘business pitch’

The 3 finalists will be invited to present their business pitch to a board of industry professionals at a Dragon’s Den style event held at the RCVS ViVet 2019 Innovation Symposium on 1 October 2019.

The winners and runners-up will then be selected and will be presented alongside the ‘Mentor’s choice award’. The Mentor’s choice award will be selected by the team mentors. The prize will be awarded to an individual who shows excellence and enthusiasm within their work on the project.

Your idea

Submissions should cover any innovation in veterinary healthcare (e.g. product, process, technology, sustainability, health and safety, procurement, customer service, etc.) that has improved upon – or extended beyond – current expectations of best practice in the chosen area.

Video submissions must provide brief and convincing answers to the following questions:

  • What was the need that the innovation sought to address?
  • Can you provide an overview of the innovation and explain why it was innovative?
  • What were the challenges that had to be overcome to enable the innovation to come to fruition?
  • What would you do to lead and move the innovation through to implementation?
  • What would the achievements or improvements be, in terms of measurable outcomes?
  • What would the overall benefits and/or impacts be, and to whom?
How to enter

We’re now accepting registration for the 2018/19 academic year.

There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given academic institute and each team is allowed to have up to 5 members.

To enter the competition please complete the form below.

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