RCVS ViVet Innovation Symposium 2019 – Precision Veterinary Medicine: a vision for the future

The RCVS ViVet Innovation Symposium is back for 2019, on 1 October in Manchester.

This year we focus on ‘Precision Veterinary Medicine’ taking a bold look at how rapidly developing technology will transform the veterinary professions and the care they provide as we swiftly move to a new age of data-driven practice.

We will explore how Artificial Intelligence, big data and genomics will rapidly become more accessible, putting more information in the hands of the veterinary practitioner than ever before, allowing veterinary medicine to achieve new heights of personalisation, efficacy and quality. In addition, we will examine how increased automation will afford veterinary professionals more time to spend interacting with clients, making consultations more personal and veterinary work less task driven.

In the longer term, such technology will fundamentally change the role of veterinary professionals and how veterinary services are delivered. We will debate how the veterinary professions can manage this transition and remain relevant in this new era; by focusing on the unique value they offer society, embracing change and redefining their role, and developing new skills.

To this end we are delighted to host Nancy Rademaker as our Keynote Speaker who will be talking about how exponentially evolving technology is transforming the world and giving insights into how the veterinary professions prepare for and thrive in The Day After Tomorrow.

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Kathy Turner – Idexx – Changing customer attitudes and preventative veterinary medicine
  • Matthew Smith – Microsoft – Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture
  • Iain Maclaren – Oxford Nanopore Technology – Low-cost and accessible genomic sequencing

We will also be hosting the ViVet Student Veterinary Innovation Competition final, which sees 3 finalist teams going head-to-head presenting in front of a panel of industry professionals. The winning and runner-up groups will then be selected and will be presented alongside the ‘mentor’s choice’ award.

Be part of the conversation, and engage with those shaping the future of the veterinary profession. We cover key trends and developments that are disrupting the conventional veterinary landscape and explore technological advancement and its means for the veterinary profession. Participants will not only learn what the future could look like but how they can take charge of and shape that future.

Why should you attend? 

  • To stay on top of emerging technology trends.
  • To understand how to adapt and use new developments as starting points for learning and leverage technology.
  • To learn about Precision Medicine and what it means for the future of veterinary care.
  • To learn about the new jobs being produced by the change, ones that design, implement, and manage and new disruptive technologies.

This symposium will bring together veterinary professionals and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the role of the veterinary professional and the advancements in both companion and production animal care in the UK.

Those who may find the event of particular interest include: practising vets and vet nurses, researchers, animal health professionals, animal health professional bodies, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Places are limited to 160 people.