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RCVS innovation initiative launches series of Design Thinking webinars to help the professions develop key problem-solving skills

The RCVS ViVet initiative has announced a series of free Design Thinking webinars that will be open to all members of the professions to attend. The aim of the webinars is to help attendees to overcome everyday challenges that arise in practice by using an innovative method of problem solving. Design Thinking is a creative […]

How you can apply creativity in problem-solving to develop innovative thinking

Our working world has recently faced a constantly changing environment. From new digital technology and the boom in remote working, to altered market and legal conditions such as Brexit, growing environmental concerns and of course the Covid pandemic. Responding to such changes requires fresh thinking and for people to question established ways of working as […]

RCVS initiative announces new innovation workshop for testing and validating ideas

The ViVet innovation initiative has announced a series of free-to-attend 90-minute innovation training sessions. These sessions are the fourth instalment in the ‘Turning ideas into Innovation’ workshop series, which provides veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses with the tools they need to turn ideas into innovations. The upcoming workshops will focus on idea testing and validation, […]

Innovation initiative holding ‘reflection sessions’ on how the professions have met the challenges of Covid

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) ViVet innovation project is launching a new series of free-to-attend ‘reflection sessions’ to encourage members of the veterinary professions to take stock of the changes that have taken place in the delivery of veterinary services in the past few years and reflect on improvements and innovation. The first […]

Interactive Workshop on Creative Thinking

ViVet innovation project will be holding an interactive workshop to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week and introduce veterinary professionals to different creativity techniques that can help them develop innovative thinking within the veterinary practice team.  The two 60-minute interactive sessions will take place at 12.30 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday 21 April, the […]

Design Thinking webinar and resources

This hands-on webinar is aimed at enabling veterinary professionals to use design thinking principles for tackling challenges and problems within their everyday practice. The was session was interactive, enabling attendees to experience some of the techniques first-hand and collaborate with others to make real-time progress! Feel free to pause the recording or work with your team to complete […]

Innovation in the workplace podcasts

We’ve produced a series of six podcasts addressing the topic of innovation in the workplace. Perhaps you’re interested in finding out more about using innovation at work? Maybe you’d like to understand how to use innovation to make decisions, collaborate with others and overcome challenges? Our new podcasts will guide you and help you develop […]

Innovation – one word, infinite possibilities

When you think of the word ‘innovation’, what immediately springs to mind? Big name brands behind our smartphones and other smart devices? A good concept but something that just ‘isn’t possible’ in your field? Just another tedious and overused business buzzword? No matter how you see it – the reality is that real innovation is […]